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Bringing home closer…

Imagine having a dream. Imagine having it come true. Xpress Money is not just about international money transfers. It’s a way to make your dreams come true. Whether it is children’s education, or building a dream home, a lavish wedding for a daughter, or medical treatment for an ailing parent, sending money home in time was never easier.



Get a better deal on Global Money Transfer…

Instant Cash provides a state of the art electronic Money Transfer System. Developed for the masses across the globe, instant Cash charges the lowest fees for remittances and is backed by the latest technology for reliability. The product is monitored and serviced round the clock by our dedicated customer service professionals to deliver a fast and reliable service……


With over 95 years’ experience, we understand the importance of sending money home to your loved ones through BFC. Our core values reflect our commitment to our customers by ensuring that they receive a service which is reliable, safe and convenient every time.



Sending money home on time is what we do! Worldwide Cash Express is one of the leading money transfer service-providers around the world with a network of more than 100,000 agent locations and still growing. We care about our customers, who send their hard-earned money and our customers value us for our convenience, reliability, and competence.


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The P.J. Lhuillier, Inc. (PJLI) is the proud parent company of the Cebuana Lhuillier Pawnshop, one of the leading and largest non-bank financial services provider in the Philippines with over 1,800 branches nationwide. PJLI attributes its dominance in the industry to integrity and heartfelt service, robust network of local and international industry partners, and steadfast commitment to nurture market-leading businesses for its growing clientele.




Through SIB Express, Hadi Express Exchange provides you a facility to credit to your beneficiaries’ account with South Indian Bank instantaneously by electronic transmission. Through NEFT fund transfers you can credit to your beneficiaries account in any branches of any banks in India within 24 hours.




Through Seylan Bank, Hadi Express Exchange provides you a facility to credit to your beneficiaries’ account with Seylan Bank or any other banks in Srilanka within 24 hours via TT remittance.

‘Pay on Identification’ (POI) – Remit funds to your “loved ones” in Sri Lanka for pick up at any Seylan Bank Branches using ‘Pay on Identification’. No bank account required. The beneficiary can approach any branch of Seylan Bank with a valid ID to collect the money instantly.

Advice and Credit (ADA) Credit any account at Seylan Bank instantaneously by electronic transmission.

RDD – Regular demand drafts in dollar and Srilankan Rupee are drawn on branches of Seylan Bank, Hatton National Bank, Peoples Bank and Bank of Ceylon. Customer can carry the demand drafts and encash it at their convenience.

Account Transfers (SLR & USD): The fast account transfer facility to any bank any branches in Srilanka. We are offering best conversion rate for the transfers.




Credit any bank account in Bangladesh through Eastern Bank Ltd. The transfer through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) system in Bangladesh facilitating fast credit of your money to the desired beneficiary account anywhere in Bangladesh.

Wages Protection system is an electronic salary transfer system that allows institutions to pay employee salaries via banks, exchange houses and other registered services providers that are approved and authorized by ministry of labor Central bank of UAE.




Our customized salary payment solution Safe Salary is a unique way of disbursement of salary specially customized for Small and Medium Enterprises.
Why Safe Salary:

  • Speedy & reliable Service
  • Salary credits to bank accounts within UAE.
  • Hassle free Salary disbursement system which provide utmost satisfaction to employer & employee
  • To keep complete record of the salary disbursement
  • Employees can walk into any of our branches to withdraw the salary deposited by the employer through us
  • Satisfactory Service Charges matching the present market

We exchange maximum value for money

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Individuals and businesses dealing with foreign currency know the importance of exchanging their currencies at the best possible time at the most favorable rates available to maximize their exchange returns.
Hadi Express Exchange is involved in the buying and selling of major types of currencies, offering the best exchange rates. Our currency exchange services provide clients with the most reliable solution to their currency needs in terms of exchange rates, delivery time, and customer service


NRE Account Opening for Indians with Instant Welcome kit from South Indian Bank


Open NRE / NRO Accounts within no time. Your welcome KIT containing cheque book, ATM card and Internet banking is ready at our branches.

Just ask for NRE / NRO account at our counter, submit your Passport copy, Visa copy and Emirates ID copy with a photograph. Immediately you will receive your welcome KIT, along with your account number.

For more details visit www.southindianbank.com



NRFC Account Opening – SRI LANKA


Account Opening and placing Fixed Deposit at Seylan Bank.

Open NRFE / RFC or Normal Savings Accounts within no time. Your welcome KIT containing ATM card and Internet banking is ready at our branches.

Just ask for NRFE / RFC or Normal Savings account at our counter, submit your Passport copy, Visa copy and Emirates ID copy. Immediately you will receive your welcome KIT.
Now you can open NRFC, RFC A/c in any preferred currency like USD,GBP,JPY,AUD,EUR,HKD,SEK,CHF,CAD,SGD and Also LKR Normal Savings account, with Seylan Bank and get the International ATM Debit card instantly from us.
Apart from account opening we do have the facilities to place LKR, NRFC Fixed deposits and Special Foreign Investment Deposit Account (SFIDA) deposits with Special rates at our door steps. Seylan Bank A/c to A/c fund transfers is also facilitated.

For more details visit www.seylan.lk

Helps our customers keep in touch with their family and friends back home through their partner network of more than 190 mobile operators across Asia Pacific, Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and Eastern Europe, with more operators being added on a regular basis. Services are available to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Indonesia.

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